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Your home away from home for longer stays

While it’s true that we are best-known for our luxurious short term vacation rentals, did you know that 1BAZ also offers monthly stays for discerning individuals, couples and families in search of temporary longer-term rentals, too? Our flexibility and prices combined with personal service, attention to detail and, of course, an enviable selection of exclusive homes in the world’s best cities, beat a standard serviced apartment any day.

So whether you are visiting relatives for an extended period of time, need somewhere fabulous to stay while renovating your own house, or relocating for work purposes, there’s no doubt you’ll feel right at home in our fully furnished rentals that have everything you need and more.

Discover what makes our long term rentals special, safe and completely tailored to you.

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Choose from the finest homes

Whether it’s a storied New York building, a townhouse in New Jersey or an elegant house in the heart of Philadelphia , each 1BAZ city home is exclusive to us and has been carefully handpicked for its comfort, character and uniqueness, guaranteeing you’ll feel right at home the moment you walk through the door.

Located only in the most desirable destinations, each of our homes is exactly that: a one-of-a-kind, comfortable space, personally designed and lovingly cared for by its owner, with the finest attention to detail and a team available round the clock for extra support. Just like home, but better.

Meticulously maintained and fully furnished with all of modern life’s everyday essentials – like washing machines, fully-fitted kitchens, and Wi-Fi – and sometimes unexpected trimmings such as a fire pits, garden, or a spectacular rooftop terrace, you’ll have everything you need to settle down and get comfortable for a long term stay.

With such a curated mix of furnished homes and executive rentals on offer, the only hard work will be making a decision.

The longer you stay, the less you pay

Our aim is to make your life easier, so when you stay with us short or long term, everything is covered in one, simple price. This includes professional housekeeping, bills, local taxes, Wi-Fi, 24/7 local support, complimentary bath amenities, and a furnished kitchen, and more.

Our discounted pricing is as follows:

Save 20%+ (compared to travel agents rates) on your direct booking stay starting from night 21 up to night 42.

In addition to the 20% saved, by direct booking, save 3% on direct booking stays starting from nights 43 up to 64 nights.

In addition to the 20% saved, by direct booking, save 5% on direct booking stays starting from nights 65 or more.

For longer stays , we ask that you check out for at least 2 nights, for every 21 nights stays. The long-term program is limited to only a few guests, subject to availability & discretion.

                                                                 Please book a week or 2 and/or please message us that you are interested in long rentals.


Personalised to perfection

At 1BAZ, we believe true luxury is a personal and tailored experience. The preferred option for VIP guests, our discreet, private and trustworthy 24/7 service extends to a personal greeting, complimentary weekly housekeeping, round-the-clock local support and a flexible policy for all guests. Plus, there is also the option to add tailored amenities and services, so whether you need childcare, a private chef, a personal yoga instructor or help making restaurant reservations, we have you covered.

Discover all our additional services

Full flexibility

We understand that plans change which is why all our executive rental properties come with complete flexibility. Our tailored approach to long term rentals allows you to book the exact number of nights or weeks you need and nothing more. We’ve also added early break clause options with no fees for 60 night rentals and longer with a 30 day notice period.

Long term stay cancellation policy


Searching for a VIP experience?

We’ve been in the private rental business for over 10 years and know exactly what it takes to keep our VIP clients happy for a longer stay. 

Learn more about our VIP offering.

Book us for longer stays

The finest homes in the most desirable destinations are only a few clicks or a phone call away and as 1Bazer, you can earn or use your Reward points. Speak to one of our dedicated team members to find your perfect home away from home, and leave the rest of the work to us.

Please book a week or 2 and/or please message us that you are interested in long rentals.


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