Housekeeping & guest safety commitment

The 1Baz standards

At 1Baz, we set the standard in community living house rentals worldwide, offering personal and professional service to guests and homeowners alike. They choose us time and again because we deliver a private and consistently clean, safe and secure rental experience, with additional support and tailored services that make their stays with us extra special.

Since launching in 2010 we have committed to the highest hospitality standards and now we have set-up new guidelines so that you can continue feeling safe and reassured when staying in any spacious and stylish 1Baz property. 

Please read on to discover more on our housekeeping and guest safety commitment:

1 – Is professional housekeeping included with my stay? 

Absolutely. Before you check in, your room is thoroughly prepared and cleaned by professionally trained housekeepers, with pristine linens and towels provided. Every stay includes complimentary weekly housekeeping, and some of our villas include complimentary daily housekeeping, too. If you prefer, you can request additional housekeeping and deep cleaning for an additional fee.

2 – What are the 1Baz cleaning protocols?

Our enhanced cleaning protocols help ensure your safety and wellbeing:

– Only professional housekeepers who receive intensive training are hired to clean and prepare our homes to our 1Baz standards.

– Windows are opened to allow ventilation while the team is cleaning the home. 

– All accessible rooms and surfaces, including high touch areas like taps, light switches as well as inside cupboards and appliances, are cleaned and let before your arrival.

– All linens & towels used in our homes are hotel standard and cleaned by professional cleaners to the maximum temperature.

– Before and after stay, hard floors are swept and mopped, and carpets are vacuumed.

– Only disposable cleaning cloths are used. 

– No team member is allowed to enter a home if they are feeling unwell or showing signs of illness. 

– Anyone entering must wash their hands with water and soap or hand sanitizer and respect any social distancing rules at the time of your stay. 

– Housekeeping performance is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure standards are being met. 

3 – What does the housekeeping team wear?

In our City Collection, housekeepers are provided with masks and gloves. In our Villa Collection, the use of masks and gloves is managed by the individual villa manager. If you have a specific villa in mind, please get in touch with our team if you want to know of the details. 

4 – Do you conform to an external cleaning standard?

We commit to follow all guidelines from the World Health Organisation and local health authorities. Many destinations are also launching their own standards, rest assured we continue to monitor them to ensure our standards meet, and most likely exceed the most rigorous. In partnership with our parent company Accor and Bureau Veritas, a world-leading provider in testing, inspection and certification, we are exploring a new certification for our City Collection that will externally certify our safety standards and cleaning protocols. We hope to share more information on this soon.

5 – Is the home or villa left empty in between bookings? 

We sometimes experience gaps in a home or villa’s calendar, so if you have concerns, please let us know and we will do our best to suggest a rental where this might be possible.

6 – What should I expect at check-in?

When you arrive, your greeter will adhere to any social distancing requirements recommended at the time of your stay where possible. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any specific questions you might have about the meet and greet.

7 – What happens if I feel unwell?

If you become ill or suspect you have Covid-19 whilst staying in one of our homes or villas, our service team is available 24/7 for additional support. Upon first notification, we will contact the local health authority or the on-site management team on your behalf for instructions and work with them to deliver medicine, provisions or assistance as needed.

8 – What is your cleaning process if an unwell guest checks out of a home?

Strict health and safety Covid-19 protocols are followed if we are made aware of an unwell guest. Housekeeping will disinfect the home which includes a deep clean of all surfaces and soft furnishings and they safely dispose of linens and towels.

9 – Will I have access to antibacterial products for my personal use during my stay?

Cleaning kits that include disinfectant spray or wipes, washing machine tablets, washing up liquid, cleaning cloths and more, are provided for all City guests to use during their stay. The homeowner’s household cleaning products are also available for guest use.  If you are staying with us in our Villa Collection, please ask your concierge team for more information about what products will be available for your personal use:

10 – How can I experience a stay maintaining social distancing?

We only offer entire home and villa rentals, providing you with the utmost privacy and space. We are happy to organise a range of additional services and premium experiences to enjoy from the comfort of your private rental, from grocery and wine delivery, private chefs and chauffeurs, at-home spa treatments, in-home cinema experiences, and much more. Additionally, we can arrange contact-free linen drop-off and collection in replacement of any complimentary housekeeping included or added to your booking.

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