Biz and Digital Nomads

2020 changed the game for the future of work, providing lots of people with the option to work remotely, if you have made the transition to the online world of work you might also have the freedom to work from wherever you like. Sometimes a change of scenery and the ability to just go out and see people can get those creative juices flowing. 

Here are the reasons why staying at 1Baz is best for you

1. WiFi Strength

An absolute must for anyone thinking about working remotely. 1Baz offers stable and fast WiFi connection that allows you to do meetings via Zoom or send and receive large amount of files.

2. Cost-saving

Finding an affordable accommodation is another factor when working remotely.1Baz offers the best rates and discounted pricing when you stay with us short or long term.

3. Productive environment

In addition to the Internet and accommodation, a productive working environment is extremely important for digital nomads. 1Baz provides you access to comfortable workspaces and clean common areas to help you organize your stuff as you work.

4. Community of like-minded people

Isn’t it lonely being a digital nomad? Sure, but there are ways to mitigate that feeling. Staying in 1Baz gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people whether local entrepreneurs or other travelers that could give you motivation and inspiration. Working together is not only more fun, it also makes you more productive, creative and successful.

5. Security and Safety

1Baz is committed to guest safety and enhanced cleaning protocol especially during this time of pandemic. 1Baz offers a safe and secure environment that would certainly help you to relax and concentrate on the most important things.

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