Late Night Directions

The address is 818 23rd St, Union City 07087, corner of Summit Ave. The directions, that we advise are:

*Please go outside of “Port authority bus terminal”, on 8th ave St between 41st and 42nd Ave (1 block away from Times Sq)

* Please go to the white buses that are parked and are loading by the sidewalk. Please confirm with the driver of the buses, that they are heading toward “Union City” (Fare is $3 to $3.25, cash only). You can see a picture of a similar bus below:

* Please ask the driver to let you off at “JFK Blvd and 31st Street”, and please use your GPS so you can be mindful when to call out “next stop” to the driver. Feel free to ask your fellow passengers, to let you know too- when you get there ;-).

* Once, you are off the bus, please keep in mind that the bus to take you back to Port Authority (between 1 AM and 4:30 AM) is right across the street, from the bus stop, that you have just gotten off of. During the other hours, you can reduce your walk time from 7 minutes to 1 minute with the following directions:

Please walk 8 blocks south from “JFK Blvd & 31st” to “JFK Blvd & 23rd st”. From there, please make a left and walk 1 block and 1/2 to 818 23rd St, Union City NJ 07087. You can see the picture of the building below:

Please text/call us if you need any support at 877-9590-074.

Have a fun and a great trip. Cheers!


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